Yarauvi addresses the need to create new avenues to promote tolerance and reconciliation. Yarauvi offers the opportunity for conscientious world citizens to have their voices heard and counted as they individually contribute to a collective statement against intolerance and divisiveness. This intolerance is most often caused by a hyper focus on our cultural and geographic differences.  Yarauvi reminds us instead of our commonalities by providing a common resting place for all cultures with a unifying narrative.

Not only does Yarauvi offer individuals the ability to voice their support for these ideals, but it offers a physical manifestation of those voices.  As those voices grow in number, the monument grows in size giving testament to the world of our society’s increasing commitment to the principles of tolerance and reconciliation.

Support Yarauvi by adding your name to the list of thousands of people from around the world who, like you, share these ideals for a more accepting and peaceful society.

Please send us an email with your name, city, country and your message. Thank you.