Families will bid farewell to their loved ones from a dock at the southern banks of the Dead Sea. From there, the dead, accompanied by a few mourners, will be transported by boat. The boat enters the necropolis at its base and travels through a unicursal labyrinth to the center of the necropolis. Here the dead are lifted to the space above. The accompanying mourners also enter the necropolis this one time -during the interment of their loved ones. The necropolis is a parabolic structure of concentric rings supported on a submerged raft-like armature floating in the buoyant salty waters of the Dead Sea. Inside, the necropolis is a bowl shaped space open to the sky. Individual sarcophagi will progressively fill the steppedstructure, laid out in a concentric configuration facing one another.

Satelite view of Dead Sea with superimposed siteplan